LoadExpress® is an integrated freight matching and transportation execution platform
that enables shippers and carriers to execute and manage their freight and transportation directly with each other, or use LoadExpress Automated Brokerage™.



Lower freight spend by multiple bids from carriers.
Cut transaction fees by up to 50% when dealing direct.
Track and trace shipments 24 x 7.
Improve load visibility via direct contact with carriers throughout shipment.
Reduce management overhead and headaches.
Only FMCSA-authorized carriers are allowed in network. Qualifications monitored/updated daily.


Set your own rates when dealing direct.
Matched loads come to you, bid and execute in one workflow.
Get paid immediately with clean POD with choice of ExpressPay or ACH. Fuel advance to qualified carriers.
Lower overhead, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.
Best truck GPS navigation and routing capability to avoid fines, reduce delivery times and improve safety.
Run your business on-the-go with mobile app (Android + iOS).
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    Companion app on Android/iOS smart devices enables carriers to run their business on the go 24/7.

The LoadExpress Platform

Do everything you need in one place!

Integrated freight matching and transportation execution platform.

LoadExpress LoadExpress
Post Shipment
Submit Bid
Accept Bid
BOL / Rate Confirmation Generated
Real-time Communication, Alerts & Tracking
Real-time Communication, Alerts & Tracking
Send Pod
Accept / Verify Pod
Rate each other
Rate each other
Receive Payment
Pay LoadExpress
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Have Loads Come to You!

Set load search parameters so loads that match them will come to you! No need to search for them manually. Win the load and execute the whole transaction in one platform.

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Track and Trace Shipments 24 x 7

Provide shipment status every step of the way. Eliminate checkcalls and their aggravations. Enhance customer satisfaction immensely, and make everybody’s job easier and more productive.

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Best Truck Routing/Navigation.

Get essential truck info: bridge height, weight limits, curve warnings, speed limits, truck stops and much more. Only system providing truck routing/navigation to save fuel, avoid fines and comply with laws.

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