LoadExpress was founded in 2015 in San Diego by seasoned executives in the logistics, freight brokerage, navigation, and Internet software industries. Our mission is to solve two major problems in the logistics industry:

1. The truck freight industry is currently dominated by brokers. While they, at least the reputable ones, provide valuable services, they also control the process and have the incentive in making it opaque to protect their business.

2. The current logistics process is a well-known daily “fire drill” that’s inefficient, unproductive, frustrating, and costly for both sides of the shipment that involves talking to multiple parties using phones, faxes, emails, spreadsheets and home-grown “systems” even for the simplest things.

LoadExpress is the solution that solves these two problems. We are confident it is the right solution at the right time. There is wide consensus by all participants in the industry that technology and more efficient business models are the keys to the industry’s future, namely: direct dealings between parties, Internet, productivity/integration tools, data and analytics. LoadExpress brings all these elements into one integrated patent-pending Web service.

Modern Internet and e-commerce technology have proven time and time again that a direct business model is a boon to an industry. It leads to higher revenues, higher profits, higher productivity, higher customer satisfaction, and lower costs for everyone. This has been proven in the travel, real estate, retail, trade industries, and countless others. LoadExpress’ mission is to unlock billions of dollars in profits and lower costs for the logistics industry, starting with the $250 billion commercial truck freight market in the U.S.

LoadExpress’ core team is made up of seasoned executives and managers from the enterprise software, analytics and logistics industries.

Kent PuCEO and Cofounder

Kent is a serial entrepreneur with a successful track record of building industry-leading and innovative products. He is also founder and CEO of InfoGation Corp., a pioneer in telematics and the leading supplier of navigation solutions to the trucking and commercial fleet markets. Customers include Rand McNally, Hertz and the leading fleet management vendor. Its AutoPC was the first in-car computer device with GPS, voice recognition control, mp3,and DVD entertainment system introduced to the world by Bill Gates in 1998 at CES.. Prior to that, Kent was a senior staff scientist at HNC Software, a worldwide leader in financial decision systems. Kent is a multi-disciplined technologist with a deep background in neural network technology and information science, and a holder of more than 15 patents internationally. Kent received his B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Kobe University of Japan.

Ken LiuV.P. Business Development and Cofounder

Ken Liu is a seasoned CEO, business development, sales and marketing executive who has developed, managed and turned around varied businesses in the software, Internet and communication industries.  Over the past 25 years, Ken has held a variety of CXO positions with five successful startups. His work contributed significantly to five IPOs and acquisitions with combined value of $1.3 billion.  Ken earned his M.A. International Relations from The Fletcher School of Tufts University and B.A. Economics with Honors from the University of Chicago.

Jenny ZhangV.P. Finance and Cofounder

Jenny brings over 20 years of experience in the application of machine learning, pattern recognition, and predictive modeling in the financial industry. Before co-founding LoadExpress, Jenny served as Chief Scientist and VP of Analytics at Opera Solutions, where she led the development of risk and revenue forecast models to support bank stress tests, fraud detection and compromise detection models for credit card payment and online fund transfer. Her clients included the world’s largest financial institutions such as JP Morgan Chase Bank, Citibank, and Discover Card. Prior to that, Jenny served in senior analytics leadership roles at FICO and HNC Software. Jenny holds a Ph.D. in applied mathematics from Kobe University of Japan, and is an alumnae of the UCSD ESPE program.

Alex JohnsonDirector of Sales

Alex is a motivated and proven sales leader with nearly a decade of transportation knowledge in both sales and operations.  In over 7 years at Coyote Logistics (Sold to UPS), Alex played a major role in building on-site operations and relationships for UPS’ peak season and other major customers.  Alex earned his B.A. at The University of Iowa with a certificate in Entrepreneurial Management from the John PappaJohn Entreprenurial Center at the Henry B. Tippie College of Business. 

Phil JohnsonDirector of Sales

Phil is an accomplished sales leader with almost a decade of transportation knowledge in both sales and operations. With over 7 years on the brokerage side of Coyote Logistics, Phil provided solutions to a multitude of customers ranging from the frozen food to the small package industry working on projects with UPS and other customers.  Phil earned his B.A. at The University of Iowa with a Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management from the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center at Henry B. Tippie College of Business as well as a Certificate of Leadership from the Career Leadership Academy.

Jeremy GalManager Customer Service and Compliance

Jeremy is an experienced logistics professional with nearly a decade of working in multiple facets of the logistics industry, including brokerage, warehousing and fleet management.  Jeremy worked his way up the logistics ladder from driving trucks to becoming a Chief Operations Officer for asset based carriers.


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LoadExpress is leading the innovation wave in digital freight matching and transportation execution. It’s a brave new world in the $740 billion truck freight industry. It’s exciting, full of challenges and opportunities requiring dedication, hard work, focus, quick responses, smarts and collaboration. The reward is a sense of accomplishment and that you’ve made a difference, as well as personal/career growth and financial gain. We want people who share our vision. We play for the long haul. Come join us in our journey. We offer competitive salary, stock options, benefits based on status, experience and accomplishments.

Below are currently open positions:

Position: Sales Representative

Location: Continental U.S. (preferably Southeast or Midwest)

Reports to: V.P. Business Development


  • Perform the complete sales cycle for carriers and shippers to successfully book loads on LoadExpress, including: generate/follow up on leads, qualify them, educate/train them, recruit them, convert them to customers, light customer support, and retain and grow their business on LoadExpress.
  • Focus on small/medium commercial and private fleets and shippers which can use LoadExpress immediately. Entry into 3PLs/freight brokers is a strong plus.
  • Provide feedback on the service, features, customer requests, competition, market trends, technology developments and other relevant information to the Company.
  • Collaborate with Sales, Marketing, Customer Support and senior management at the Company.


  • A seasoned sales professional with own book of business of shippers and carriers with a minimum of 5-years verifiable track record in the truck freight industry. Experience and business with 3PLs/freight brokers a strong plus.
  • Experience, or at least familiarity, in selling technology products/services to the logistics industry such as digital freight matching, TMS, and load tendering systems.
  • Ability to use CRMs and Microsoft Office.

Personal Attributes:

  • Action and results-oriented “driver” and “hunter” who thrives on winning and making money by satisfying customers.
  • Risk taker who loves the challenge and sense of accomplishment of creating and growing new businesses in the logistics industry.
  • Appropriately aggressive and competitive with sense of humor, fun and balanced perspective about life, business and oneself.
  • Someone who relishes a ground-floor opportunity in startup environment that may lead to many new areas for personal and career growth.

Education: Minimum 2-year college. College graduates Strongly preferred.

Other Requirements:

  1. Proof of Eligibility to work in U.S.
  2. References.
  3. Optional credit and background checks if deemed necessary.

Compensation: Competitive salary, commissions, stock options, benefits based on status, experience and accomplishments.

We are an equal opportunity employer.

To apply, please email resume to Ken Liu:

Email : ken@loadexpress.com

LoadExpress is located at 12250 El Camino Real, Suite 116, San Diego, CA 92130, America’s Finest City.

For sales, please contact us at:

Email: sales@loadexpress.com
Phone: 619-916-3123 Ext. 1711, 1712

For support, please contact us at:

Email: support@loadexpress.zendesk.com
Phone: 619-916-3123 Ext. 1221

Our normal hours are 8-6 PM, Pacific Standard Time, but if you really have an urgent issue that needs our help after hours, by all means call us.