3PLs and freight brokers need two things to survive and prosper: Scale and Technology. Without those two things, they won’t have the business and required efficiency to drive down costs demanded by the market. Most small/medium firms don’t have the resources or wherewithal to get the scale and technology on their own. In day-to-day operations, the biggest fear is not being able to cover a load, which means immediate lost revenue as well as potential long-term loss from an unfulfilled customer. Even a large broker is not immune from this fear.

LoadExpress solves these problems by providing load and capacity aggregation (Scale) with its freight matching and transportation execution platform (Technology). Using LoadExpress, the smallest broker has an equal opportunity to cover a load as the largest competitor. He who has the capacity wins.

With LoadExpress, a small/medium 3PL does not have to subscribe to multiple load boards and pay for a TMS. LoadExpress is effectively a load board and a TMS in which a 3PL can tender a load or bid for one, and execute the entire transaction in one integrated platform. LoadExpress reduces the overhead—and aggravations—in processing a transaction significantly. If a 3PL has its carriers activate the GPS in the LoadExpress mobile app, it can also reduce the check calls that consume a lot of time for all parties and provide better service to its customers. LoadExpress in fact expands a 3PL’s servicing capacity by the efficiencies and operational savings it generates.

LoadExpress is not a full-fledged TMS. It’s a Transportation Execution Platform, which is a major module of a TMS. Since it’s a SaaS (Software as a Service), it is lightweight, agile, easy to integrate and open standards-based. It is unlike most on-premise TMS in the marketplace, which is often bloated with many features you don’t need (but need to pay for), and a closed/proprietary system that locks you in to the vendor. They are also expensive, often come with a 5-figure license fee, then annual maintenance fees and/or transaction fee.

LoadExpress does not charge a license, subscription or usage fee. A 3PL which posts and/or covers a load on LoadExpress makes its margin, and we charge our small margin on the deal. We make money only when you make money.