Carriers just want their trucks full, get good rates, and get paid reliably. With LoadExpress, they can accomplish all three goals:

  • They get more choice of loads from all in-network shippers posting loads. They don’t have to rely only on the handful of brokers they now know to get business.
  • They get to choose to deal directly with a shipper or LoadExpress Automated Brokerage. If dealing direct, they set their own rates when bidding for loads, and get to complete the shipment using LoadExpress.
  • As for payments, if they don't use a factor, they get paid immediately by LoadExpress upon approval of a clean POD, without hassles, fees, holdbacks. They choose between ExpressPay (immediate money code) or ACH (2-3 days). They are also eligible for fuel advance.

Carriers, be they a single owner-operator or a fleet, can also reduce their management headaches and overhead by using LoadExpress to manage their business. With LoadExpress’ mobile app (Android and iOS), they can find and book loads, track the shipment, execute the shipment, and run their business on-the-go 7 x 24. By activating the Truck Map/Navigation function, carriers can provide load visibility and ETA to their customers, which significantly enhances their service and chances of repeat business.

Last but not least, LoadExpress is totally FREE to join and use.