The LoadExpress platform is designed as an end-to-end system that can serve as the freight management system for a small shipper and carrier.  Yet it is flexible to expand to accommodate custom features for large customers and integration with their load tender, TMS and ERP systems through APIs and web standards.  Our target customers today are small shippers, wholesalers/distributors, and owner-operators and small fleets under 20 trucks which dominate the trucking industry.  Today it is designed for the spot, backhaul and small-volume shipments.  For those customers, most don’t have any dedicated TMS or a transport/shipper manager.  Most have one person doing multiple jobs—shipping (in/outbound), warehousing, overall operations, even accounting.  For them, LoadExpress would be the perfect system to manage their freight transport operations.

System Features

  • Freight Auction Marketplace – Shipper posts shipments in the marketplace, and carriers bid to haul shipment.  Shipper selects winner based on price, ratings and other factors.  Pricing, all terms and conditions visible to each. Total transparency.
  • Hot Loads – Typical for same-day and immediate shipments, shipper sets a Hot Load price and bypasses the auction process to ensure the shipments are covered.  Shipper selects winner from all those carriers who have accepted the price.
  • Vetted Members Only — Only qualified shippers and carriers are allowed in marketplace, which is monitored daily by our compliance department.  We accept only FMCSA-authorized carriers with adequate insurance and safety rating using SaferWatch as well as our own vetting.
  • Electronic Documentation – All shipment documentation, signatures, photos, and notes generated, verified and stored in the system.
  • Messaging and Alerts – Send direct messages via email and SMS to each other as well as receive alerts from system.
  • Real Time Tracking – Everyone involved in a shipment knows where it is 24 x7.
  • Truck Navigation —True truck navigation with turn-by-turn and many other features from InfoGation Navigation, the leading navigation solutions supplier to the trucking and commercial fleet industry.
  • Payment System – Seamless payment settlement within the platform.  Carriers can request a fuel advance once a load is picked up and receive final payment via ACH or ExpressPay.  Shippers pay by credit card or use commercial credit if qualified.
  • Rating System -Mutual rating and feedback system based on overall experience during the shipment process ensures quality and integrity of the network.
  • User Public Profiles – Research other users in the network based on their history and members’ experience working with them in the marketplace.
  • Dispute Resolution – Manage and resolve detention, accessorials, billing disputes and damage claims openly between parties.
  • Smart Numbers – Data analytics dashboard included that records history of all transactions and help manage business better.
  • Customer Service — When all else fails, there’s always good old-fashion customer service via phone and email.

Shipper Features

  • Shipment Cloning/Editing – Re-create similar shipments without having to re-enter all the information by cloning or editing a shipment.
  • Market Trend Analysis –See what trends are occurring within the marketplace based on what others are posting and what carriers are bidding.

Carrier Features

  • Load Matching – Save desired lane, and pick up date for an empty truck to receive notifications of available freight matches on the marketplace so they can bid on them.
  • Bid Management — Set the maximum bid price, the decrement for each competitive bid, and the bid expiration time.
  • Trip Profit - Carriers can calculate the potential profit margin for a load based on their bid price.
  • Smart Devices — Use the marketplace via PC and smart devices (Android and iOS).